GLOBALIZATION change the countries economy , the companies try to present products worldwide with better as other competitors , the eager to release better products to market needs is a once of them , standard & quality two importance factor of engaging a product , PET products as a best packaging containers and other benefits such as crystalline transparency , prevent of change the original taste of Products , high strength , resistance to chemical compounds , impervious , light weight ,variety of colors and designs , recyclable and … , who important of packaging industry , the zooroofiran company since begin and started 2010 and our target made with preform , Jar,bottle Caps,PET and etc products with high technological packaging machines , develop the knowledge and growth Marketing circle in several years and now we are one of the biggest manufacturer of the PET Industry in Iran .


Long exprience
The zooroofiran co had many years experience to make and sell many types of plastic products .
Customer satisfaction
The affective relation with our customers had make us powerful to made a customer relationship division behind customer satisfaction .
Suitable price
Price is an important parameter like an bilateral highway who can made satisfying both sides of a contract , we think always can be better situation for our customers and distributers .
High quality
We made all products by latest technologies while we guarantee a high quality products for our customers.
Expert Sales Department
Our sale department experienced to make a proficiency contact and ready to towards the customers to a simple and trust contract .
Our Complex ready to support 24/7 our customers .

The vision

The Zoorofiran company ready to work with inside and outside companies that want to contribute in distributing the products , our ready and prefer for countribute with petrochemical , food industry and pharmaceutical companies .

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Qom, Shokouhieh Industrial Town Phase 2, Hemmat Square, Fakoori Boulevard, Fakoori 14, No. 317