GLOBALIZATION change the countries economy , the companies try to present products worldwide with better as other competitors , the eager to release better products to market needs is a once of them , standard & quality two importance factor of engaging a product , PET products as a best packaging containers and other benefits such as crystalline transparency , prevent of change the original taste of Products , high strength , resistance to chemical compounds , impervious , light weight ,variety of colors and designs , recyclable and … , who important of packaging industry , the zooroofiran company since begin and started 2010 and our target made with preform , Jar,bottle Caps,PET and etc products with high technological packaging machines ,  develop the knowledge and growth Marketing circle in several years and now we are one of the biggest manufacturer of the PET Industry in Iran .

Long exprience

The zooroofiran co had many years experience to make and sell many types of plastic products .

High quality

We made all products by latest technologies while we guarantee a high quality products for our customers.

Suitable price

Price is an important parameter like an bilateral highway who can made satisfying both sides of a contract , we think always can be better situation for our customers and distributers .

Products We

Product caps, Jars, Preforms, Bottles, Special products

Articles We

You can follow the articles and products of ZOOROOFIRAN …

Products (PET) door

The ZOOROOFIRAN Company ready to make Bootle doors with many type neck in foodgrade... Read More

Jar (plastic containers)

The jar container (wide mouth utensils) is made of PET with a special screw... Read More

Bottle Preform

The preform is a piece with an special appearance similar to a test tube,... Read More


The PET Bottles made with full and semi automatic machines and our company ready... Read More


The Zoorofiran company vision include develop the variety of products with middle east & European union for export to 28 countries of Europe and contribute with companies inside and outside of the territory , our technician and other staffs try to meet this vision as soon as possible with an specigied program.

The vision

The Zoorofiran company ready to work with inside and outside companies that want to contribute in distributing the products , our ready and prefer for countribute with petrochemical , food industry and pharmaceutical companies .